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Dr. Cheap is a full featured web hosting service provider, and offers great flexibility of services in order to accommodate your varying needs. The following items are the main service areas that we cover, please choose any item for further details.

Virtual Hosting


Virtual Hosting is our most popular service. The most significant advantage is that you are able to pick the domain name of your web site. This allows for greater name recognition, especially important if you are running a business and want everyone to remember the address! All your email addresses will use this domain as well, so you may create personal or departmental addresses such as yourname@yourname.com or sales@yourname.com.

Features Included in Virtual Hosting:
  • Fully encrypted HTTPS connections
  • You may use your own CGI scripts!
  • Server Side Includes (SSI) support
  • PHP 5 support
  • MySQL 5 database support
  • POP3 & IMAP email access
  • Unlimited email aliasing & forwarding
  • Linux Shell account! SSH & SCP access to your files
  • SPAM filtering for incoming email (optional, but no charge)

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