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Dr. Cheap is a full featured web hosting service provider, and offers great flexibility of services in order to accommodate your varying needs. The following items are the main service areas that we cover, please choose any item for further details.

Non-Virtual Hosting


Non-Virtual hosting is the simplest way to get your own place on the World Wide Web.

The most common use for Non-Virtual Hosting is for personal home pages, where you have information about yourself, friends, family, hobbies, this, that, or anything you want to put on it. Or maybe you belong to a band, local club, or some other organization that could use a place to publicize the members and/or events? These are only a couple of uses; what you do with the page is up to you, after all it is yours!

With Non-Virtual Hosting, there will be an email account setup as yourname@drcheap.com. In case you already have an email address that you like better, the new email address can easily forward mail to your current address. You may keep them together or separate, the choice is yours.

Features Included in Non-Virtual Hosting:
  • Fully encrypted HTTPS connections
  • You may use your own CGI scripts!
  • Server Side Includes (SSI) support
  • PHP 5 support
  • POP3 & IMAP email access
  • Linux account! SSH & SCP access to your files
  • SPAM filtering for incoming email (optional, but no charge)

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